Art & Dine festival will return on March 6

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The Art & Dine Festival, a monthly event occurring in the courtyard between Sweeney Hall and MacQuarrie Hall and hosted by Spartan Shops, will be returning for the Spring semester on March 6 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

”The Art & Dine Festival was created to bring together the SJSU campus community so we could all enjoy beautiful artwork created by SJSU students, listen to music performed by SJSU students and enjoy delicious gourmet food,” stated Stephanie Fabian, Spartan Shops marketing manager, in an email.

According to Fabian, the Art & Dine Festival started last September.

According to Candice Carbonell, co-chair of the Sustainability Board, the point of the event is to help students gain exposure and show the talent of SJSU student artists and musicians.

Jeffrey Benson, a Ph.D. in the Music department, will lead a choral group at the festival, she said.

Fabian said the Environmental Resource Center, a student-led class on campus, will also host a clothing swap at the event, and Associated Students will bring the e-waste bin out for collections.

According to Fabian, before each festival, a group of chefs work on food ideas that will fit the season and also create menu ideas that can't be found anywhere else on campus.

Participants include members of the ceramics and glass guilds, photographers, painters and artists who make handmade crafts, and so far they haven't turned down any students who have asked to participate.

"I sell my crochet creatures, mainly sea-related,” stated Leslie Wyatt, a junior animation/illustration major, in an email. “I have turtles, octopi and squids. However, I can also crochet other things such as giraffes and cacti.”

Wyatt stated that she enjoys the Art & Dine Festival because it gives her a chance to showcase her work and interact with people.

”It is a great opportunity to network and create dialogue about art,” she said. “Overall, it has been a wonderful experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has the chance.”

The event will continue to be held the first Wednesday of every month this semester.

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