Prop 30 wins support from voters

by , and Nov 7, 2012 11:16 am

With California’s major deficit running into the billions, projects and funding for California schools are expected to be cut by hundreds of millions of dollars.

[Photo by Amy Nilson.  Associated Student's House SJSU]

With the possible defeat of prop 30 affecting University campuses throughout California, “after elections if prop 30 fails, we might lose part of our revenue from state grants,” Aaron Tsang, the Comptroller for the Associated Students at SJSU said.

Governor Jerry Brown’s office is proposing making even greater cuts in funding provided towards California’s State University programs.  “If we lose our funding we will have to look for alternatives,” Tsang said.

Bruce Olszewski, a professor with the Environmental Department at SJSU said, "facility will be cut, and there will be fewer classes and take students more time to graduate."

Prop 30 from SJSU_News on Vimeo.

If prop 30 fails, a proposed tuition hike will be voted on next year to help offset budget shortfalls over the next 2013 – 2014 fiscal school year.  If funding is cut, the  AS would need to reduce its expenses, and look for other alternatives.  One way is to ask “Silicon Valley business owners to help donate to students on campus,” Tsang said.

Prop 30 proposes a new tax on people who make well over $250 thousand a year as well as adding a 1/4th percent tax increase benefiting California State Universities. With 30 & 38 canceling each other out, the vote hinges on which ballet measure the voters will decide.

Under Prop 30 the proposed tax increase is expected to increase sales revenue by more than $6 billion annually over the next several years.

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