Spartan Daily Editorial: Barack Obama for President

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Spartan Daily is a college newspaper, and it is with the interest of college students in mind that we endorse a candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election — President Barack Obama.

As college students, we understand the realities and challenges that come with being enrolled in our current educational system.

It’s more important now than ever that college students make their voices heard.

It’s time to select the candidate that will shape the future of our country for our benefits.

Students at this university and every other around the country will become the next generation of working adults and will be directly affected by the policies that will be put into place stemming from this election.

According to the Pew Research Center, 66 percent of registered voters ages 18 to 29 voted in the 2008 presidential election as compared to 54 percent in the 2004 election.

This is the time to not just reelect President Obama, but to vote against some of the incompetencies of Mitt Romney.

There are several reasons why we endorse the re-election of President Obama.

Affordable Education:

America's education system is faltering and the system can be especially difficult for college students who are struggling with rising tuition costs.

On numerous occasions, Romney has said that a student’s parents should finance college — the reality is that most parents can’t afford their children’s college.

Additionally,as a congressman, vice-Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, proposed cutting the Pell Grant system which according to the Dept. of Education, provided $36.5 billion to approximately 8.9 million undergraduate students in 2010.

The majority of parents don’t have money to give their children for college and the Pell Grant system now more than ever is in need of protecting.

Spartan Daily believes there is vast difference between the candidates on their support for education


President Obama is a former professor, unlike Romney who was a businessman before he became a politician. President Obama has passed legislation such as Rise to the Top, the Dream Act and is campaigning on increases in Pell Grants and college tax credits.

Obama's determination to have education that is affordable and accessible should be vitally important to college-aged voters.

Capital equality: Obama cares about the middle class and feels the wealthy need to pay more of their fair share. The middle class — the conscience of the country — is withering. Romney’s policies would only accelerate this trend, sacrificing the good of the people and their right to an equality of opportunity on the altar of “good business.”

Foreign Policy: As Commander in Chief, Obama has shown an attitude to ensure the safety of American’s at home, while ensuring the safety and stability of our military abroad. He has ended active combat in Iraq as promised as well as killing top terrorist leaders including Osama Bin Laden. In contrast, Romney is a successful businessman and governor who has never had the foreign policy experience needed in our current conflicts. While during the presidential debates the two have appeared nearly in agreement on most foreign policy issues such as Iran, it is fair to argue that commander-in-chief Obama has a solid foundation and experience worth keeping in office.

College Healthcare: Obama cares about college students having health care and allowing them to stay on their parents' plans. It’s important for people to take care of themselves and stay healthy, especially while they are in college. Spartan Daily feels Mitt Romney’s plans to repeal the President’s healthcare reform would be harmful to student’s who greatly benefit under the current policy.

Equality for All:  The rhetorical war on women is detrimental to our society and the fact that women may lose the chance to decide what to do with their body is terrifying. The threats by the Republican Party to cut organizations such as Planned Parenthood are dangerous. Without funding for these places women may not have the chance to have accessible birth control, gynecological exams or even sexual health counseling. Romney again has been unclear on what actions or policy he would take regarding women’s health, repeatedly changing his definition for abortion. Romney doesn’t understand women’s rights. When asked if he believes the Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade, his answer was simple: “Yes, I do.” When asked if the repeal of Roe would be a good day for America, he responded “Absolutely.” Obama has been clear he is for protecting women’s rights and these rights are a major concern for many women, including those on the editorial board.

Romney as CEO in Chief.

Mitt Romney campaigns frequently on his success and experience in the private sector. Romney’s Bain Capital was notorious for purchasing companies with large deficits, stripping employees of benefits and pensions, which they have had for years then, once the company gains a profit, Bain collects majority of the finances. Such practices may be good for making successful business decisions, but at what cost? Spartan Daily worries that Romney as “CEO of America” is not the leadership model America needs in the current unemployment plagues we face.

Running a country is not like running a business. You can’t lay off citizens.

Flip flop: Romney has often said one thing and then only to later contradict himself.  While this can be expected during early campaigning, the Spartan Daily feels Romney’s voter-pandering campaign style shows an incompetent leader, unfit for the decisive decisions being President requires.

Your vote may be riding on multiple factors this campaign and again we urge you to practice your right to vote this election. Yet as a college publication, ran by students who share many of the same concerns for the future, we feel that we are substantially better off under the continued leadership of President Obama and extend our endorsement of him.

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  1. Obama's trip to Chicago should help pad the DCCC's coffers. In April, events the president attended for the DCCC in San Francisco helped net $3.25 million for the committee."`'"

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