San Francisco riots tarnish Giants' World Series victory

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Crowds rambunctiously gather around small bonfires set in the middle of Willie Mays Plaza outside AT&T Park on Sunday night in celebration of the San Francisco Giants’ World Series victory. Celebrations around San Francisco turned dangerous as riots broke out, which reportedly led to looting and the burning of a city bus. Photo by Jeffrey Cianci / Spartan Daily

Sunday night I screamed at the top of my lungs in jubilation as the San Francisco Giants beat the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series, the team's second championship in three years.

Running on both streams of adrenaline and the desire to be a part of the celebration, I hastily made my way toward AT&T Park the moment Spartan Daily completed production, my camera in tote.

I sped north and arrived in San Francisco in a little less than an hour to witness a scene I had not expected to find.

As I walked up Third Street, the assembly of fans celebrating outside the park was visibly rapturous, with blasting music, great wafting clouds of marijuana smoke and victorious chanting, humming with an excitement like an active beehive.

I had expected to shoot memorable photos of thousands of fans all celebrating together in victory, however I found myself at the center of a growing riot in the middle of Willie Mays Plaza.

In the middle of Third and King Streets, the scene was war-zone-like with broken glass, knocked-over garbage cans and rubbish strewn across the pavement as rowdy celebrators cheered on those who stoked several bonfires.

Worse, when police arrived to show force but remained peaceful, some turned and threw glass bottles and other garbage, which landed dangerously close to emergency workers and onlookers.

These same scenes (and worse) played on across San Francisco last night and it is utterly embarrassing.

The city of San Francisco and Giants fans should be proud of a wonderfully accomplished postseason and there is certainly room for uproarious celebration at Wednesday's parade.

Yet, Sunday night's destruction and disregard of law and common decency flies in the face of the class Giants fans usually have the honor to claim.

I enjoy capturing breaking news and the excitement of humanity, however I hope I never again record San Franciscans burning down their own city.

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