Cool apps you should have

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This application combines photo and video to create an animated clip. Take a short video, edit, select what portion of your video you want animated, preview your masterpiece and then use one of the provided filters to finish it off. After, you can add friends and share your creation.


Streaker Run:

This hilarious application follows the story of a wife and lover fooling around in the wife's home, only to be caught by a very angry husband. He goes running down the street in a panic, with the angry husband behind. This streaker follows the same movements as inTempleRun.


Google Translate:

Ordering ethnic food can be difficult, but not if you have the free Google Translate Application. This application will translate your English into another language. Simply speak into your phone, select what language you would like to translate to and listen to Google repeating your sentence back to you translated.



If public transportation has you running for the hills, HopStop is the perfect application to decode confusing transit times and locations. This free application gives you accurate transit maps in almost every major city in the country. It also supports other large transit agencies in case you need extra guidance.


Seeing a movie at the theaters these days is not cheap, so missing any of the movie would be a waste. The free RunPee application tells you the best times to use the restroom and sets of an alarm when the time is right.



With the social media application Path, your audience is limited to 150 connections allowing for a much more personal and private profile. This application is similar to Facebook because it allows status updates, photographs and updates on what songs you're listening to currently. You can also customize it.




Foodspotting finds local restaurants and displays photos of dishes as posted by guests and food experts. Yelp reviews may not always have the answer you're looking for, so if you're a visual person this application could lead you to the greatest meal of your life.



Geocaching Intro:

A national game of treasure hunting, people from all over theU.S.hide canisters of all shapes and sizes throughout parks, neighborhoods, schools and more. Users simply enter their location and to see the nearest hidden geocache, containing small objects or cash, left behind by a fellow geocacher.


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