MythBusters exhibition at the Tech Museum opens with a bang

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Kari Byron (far left), Grant Imahara (left) and Tory Belleci (not pictured) kick off the opening ceremony for the MythBusters exhibit in San Jose's Tech Museum by setting off explosives. Photo by Jesse Jones

Amateur analysts have the chance to put their scientific sleuthing skills to work at the MythBusters exhibit at The Tech Museum of Innovation.

MythBusters Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tory Belleci were in San Jose last Thursday to promote the opening of the MythBusters exhibit at the Tech Museum.

The mayor of San Jose, Chuck Reed, introduced the MythBusters and talked about how he was a fan of the show.

 “We shoot the show in the Bay Area (and) it's nice to have this in our back yard,” Belleci said.

 Belleci, Byron and Imahara blew open the doors to the exhibit with fake C4 to announce the opening.

 Imahara's favorite thing about MythBusters is the ability to talk directly to kids about science.

 “It's the kind of show that people can watch with their families,” Imahara said.

 Imahara's least favorite experiment on the show involved seeing if sharks are more interested in people if they are thrashing about or playing dead.

 “When producers say you need to jump in water with sharks, maybe that's not something you want to do,” Imahara said.

Check out the multimedia for the MythBusters Exhibit.

 “Running in the rain,” Imahara's favorite exhibit, tests whether it is more efficient to run or walk through the rain.

 “We've got two lanes here, one for running one for walking,” Imahara said, The water has ultraviolet dye in it that won't stain your clothes, but shows up under ultraviolet light.

“The cool thing is they have created a rain storm inside the museum all day long every day for as long as the museum is open,” Imahara said.

 Belleci said that he likes doing the more dangerous experiments and tends to only consider how dangerous it was after it has already happened.

 According to Belleci, the show's test dummy Buster is still being used on the show so his cousin is on display at the exhibit.

 “My current favorite experiment is Rocket Surfer … basically we strapped a number of rockets to a surfboard and I tried surfing across a lake,” Belleci said.

 Glenn Delos Santos, a MythBusters exhibition employee, was showing off the "Butter Side Up" station.

"Butter Side Up" lets you test how likely toast will fall on the butter side, Delos Santos said.

 According to Delos Santos, the MythBusters exhibition employees are separate from the regular Tech Museum employees.

 “We work at every station and regularly switch. My favorite experiment (and), since I'm a performer — I love being on the demonstration stage, is 'Can You Dodge a Paintball,'” Delos Santos said.

According to Elizabeth Williams, vice president of marketing for the Tech Museum, there are 12 different interactive exhibits to test out different myths.

“I'm showing off the 'Change like a Superhero' where you have to race against someone else in dressing up as a superhero in a tiny phone booth,” Courtney Hatcher, a Mythbusters exhibition employee said. “This is my favorite exhibit because because of all the fun accessories you can put on.”

 “Both the company that owns MythBusters and the Tech Museum were interested in putting together the exhibit,” Williams said.

 According to Williams,  the exhibit goes until Jan. 6 and requires a separate ticket from the Tech Museum, but there is a discount for college students at $19.

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