Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt make 'Looper' a hit

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Bruce Willis proves yet again that you’re never to old to headline a science fiction box office hit, and 'Looper' delivers.

The film, which also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, brings together the elements of a successful science fiction story with a twist of thought-provoking drama.

Set 30 years before 2072, the movie centers around a group of  misfit boys who are called Loopers, used by crime organizations in the future to ‘dispose’ of people.

The concept seems genius until we see the dilemma in this arrangement that every young Looper must encounter, therefore making the basis of the story.

The film avoided portraying a ‘A Bronx Tail’ feel amongst the group of Loopers, allowing Levitt’s character the ability to stand out on his own.

Levitt’s transformation into a young Bruce Willis is just as successful as the story. The makeup effects of the film deliver to the point that you forget who is playing the younger version.

There is a fear within the first thirty minutes of the film that the movie may fall into the trap of being predictable since it’s story of a character meeting their future self.  Heck, Bruce Willis has already met his future self in three previous films.

With patience, the audience soon finds the story takes certain twist and turns for the better, and for worse, which evokes the interest of the viewer from start to finish.

Many of Willis’ past action films have strayed through theaters and settled to video, but this movie’s thought provoking concept can make fans believe that his films still have the ability to stand out.

The supporting cast of the film gives a darker side to the life of Loopers, but manages to give the film an extra element of edge.

The lack of antagonist roles in his acting career helps Jeff Daniels to come off as an embracingly intimidating character in this story.

British actress Emily Blunt brings a surprising element to the film as a lonely mother whose farm is tripped upon by Levitt.  She manages to portray strength and resiliency, while garnering sympathy at times from the audience.

Coyote Ugly star Piper Perabo also appears to lesser degree in the film, and her character appears to have little to no purpose.

Looper marks the first time Levitt and Willis have worked together on screen.

Among the concepts that didn’t work with the film is the unavoidable visuals of seeing a 2032 version of the 1960’s.  The clothing style and set design of much of the film gave a retro look that made me ask myself if the set designers were at a loss.

Despite this, the director manages to develop a realistic look into the future where people are still living on farms and driving motorized vehicles, without giving a too pretentious feel of what 40 to 60 years could add to our society.

The standout actor of the film definitely goes to a pint-sized Pierce Gagnon, the child who plays Emily Blunt’s son.  Gagnon’s scenes would eventually become reminiscent for me of an old ‘Children of the Corn’ film.

The introduction of the character brings no regression to the maturity of the film, but helps to heighten it.

The correlation of the film to real life was watching Levitt’s character detach from the plight of his future self, as if never grasping that the future will one day be his present, and don’t we all have that problem?

The more Levitt’s character tries to deny any form of consequence from being a Looper, the more he finds himself facing the inevitable.

‘Looper' provides a great visual ride with a smart script, definitely worth a future trip to the theater.

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