Republicans are living in a fantasy world

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Jonathan Roisman is a Spartan Daily staff writer. Follow him on Twitter @jonroisman.

I have a confession to make.

I’m a registered member of the Green Party and clearly that means I'm a liberal.

I’m not ashamed of that.

I don’t really consider most Democrats to be liberals because it is a flawed party, but what drives me insane is listening to Republicans.

Listening to speeches at the Republican National Convention Tuesday in Tampa was painful.

Their party is a mess.

It’s a party that has politicians who believe a woman’s body can stop a rapist’s sperm from fertilizing her egg.

It’s a party that has a large contingent of supporters, known comically as the tea party, who think President Obama is going to come to their homes and take their guns away.

Most of them even know the history of the actual tea party.

It’s a party of evangelical Christians who believe Earth just celebrated its 6,000th birthday.

I’m guessing that a lot of people are offended right now and that's fair.

But let me make it clear that I’m offended that a large sample of one of America’s largest political parties doesn’t believe in science, logic or common sense.

The convention Tuesday reinforced my beliefs.

Let’s start with how the Republicans “will take our country back,” according to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in his keynote speech.

Take our country back from what?

I’m pretty sure it’s the same country it was four years ago when George W. Bush was president.

I wasn’t a fan of most of Bush’s policies, but my life didn't change when he took office after Bill Clinton.

Republicans paint a picture that under their leadership, Americans live in a Star Trek like utopia where people don’t work for money, but because they just love improving society.

In their minds it seems the world under Democrats is similar to a Mad Max movie, where people fight to the death for the Earth’s last bit of resources.

It’s bullshit.

Most people’s lives under Clinton didn’t change because Bush was elected and their lives didn’t change when Obama was elected. Their lives probably won’t change if Romney wins in November, although I think it would show this country’s lack of judgment.

Gov. Christie said the country isn’t so afraid as to “shy away from the truth.”

Yes we are.

This country is in a major crisis; I would argue we haven’t been this polarized in decades.

People vote for a Democrat because they’re a Democrat and Republicans do the same for their candidates.

People today don’t ask very basic questions.

We think we’re great because we have freedom or because we have the American Dream, but those are just buzz words.

Is the United States a great country?

I’m an American who loves many of our values and the policies we’ve implemented.

But does that make us great?

I can tell you I’m not un-American because I ask the question.

I’m sure many people think so, but I’m not.

Questioning the demons in our country’s past or asking whether the American Dream still exists, or ever did for most people, is trying to get to the truth.

What isn’t truthful is when Ann Romney tells millions of Americans on TV that “I love you women. I can hear your voices.”

She can?

Did she forget she’s apart of a political party that isn’t a big fan of women?

You can’t love women if you think they don’t have the right to decide what they can do with their own bodies.

If they want to get an abortion or want their boyfriend to wear a condom they should have every right to do that.

The Republicans always declare they want smaller government, that they want it out of our lives.

Except when they don’t.

I’m not a libertarian, or a socialist or an anarchist.

Being a conservative doesn’t make you evil.

I’m tired of hearing about the 99% or Occupy Whatever.

A lot of those people need to learn we live in a world that isn’t fair.

It never was and never will be and sometimes you have to play the game.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t question your surroundings or wonder whether something needs fixing.

You should because that is American.

That’s not shying away from the truth.

George Carlin once said “the reason they call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

Call me cynical, but I agree.

However, you’ll never wake up if you believe Mitt Romney will “take our country back” or that Obama and his death panels will decide whether your grandma lives or is buried six feet under.

Wake up.


4 thoughts on “Republicans are living in a fantasy world

  1. Really bud? You're going to base the entire Republican Party on a very small group of people within the Party? I didn't know the Republican Party was Todd Akin, the Tea Party, and just Evangelicals.

    Go to sleep son, and learn how to proofread.

    As a Democrat, I got pretty sick reading this.


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