Hulu Plus allows for viewing of recent TV shows, classic movies

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As a college student, I often find myself swamped with homework assignments, personal priorities and a heap of other responsibilities.

I find great difficulty in catching up with all of my favorite shows on television, but thankfully Hulu Plus eliminates the challenge since I can watch any show anytime, anywhere.



  1. New episodes aired the next day
  2. Social networking capabilities
  3. Shows are divided by networks


  1. Advertisements
  2. Limited viewing for some shows on mobile devices
  3. Not a wide selection of movies

Top 3 "must-sees" on Hulu Plus

  1. New Girl
  2. Honey and Clover
  3. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

For those who aren’t familiar with Hulu Plus, it’s basically the premium version of the video-streaming site, Hulu Plus, and it has a slew of benefits.

For example, if I missed the most recent episode of “Glee” on television, I won’t have to wait for it to pop up eight days after its release on the original Hulu Plus version.

With my Hulu Plus account, I can watch the episode the very next day, which eliminates the wait time to see the episode in the first place.

However, if I want to watch “Glee” on my smartphone, then that is not a possibility since the Hulu Plus mobile application only has certain shows available for mobile users.

When I look up a show title on the Hulu Plus app, some of them are available on the phone, but otherwise there’s a small black bar on some show titles saying it’s a “web-exclusive.”

Another perk of Hulu Plus is the low price of $7.99/month to watch all of my television shows in addition to movies.

Sure, Netflix has the same price for streaming videos, but it takes a while for Netflix to get newer programming while Hulu Plus gets it instantly, which is a plus in my book.

One drawback I have with Hulu Plus is commercial breaks — I thought once I upgraded to a Hulu Plus account, then there wouldn’t be any ads in my video.

I suppose it helps the company make money on the side, but the length of the commercials played in each break is pretty annoying.

Some are bearable at only 30-to-45 seconds in length, but a good majority of the commercial breaks last for as long as one minute and 30 seconds — which is a bit too much, if you ask me.

Another neat aspect of Hulu Plus is the fact that users can share what they’ve watched through various social media such as Twitter and Facebook, which means that people can talk about what they’ve seen with all their friends online.

If one wants to rave about the latest episode of “How I Met Your Mother” or some other show to friends, Hulu Plus has a little button one can click to share the goodness.

If there’s one big gripe I have about Hulu Plus though, it has to be the sparse selection of movies available to watch.

I know that first and foremost, Hulu Plus is a video-streaming site dedicated to showing episodes from TV shows, but I want to watch some movies too.

Hulu Plus also offers older movie titles, such as “Chicago” and “Super Size Me,” but most consist of television movies from channels such as Lifetime Entertainment.

For Francis Santoyo, a sophomore psychology major, Netflix trumps Hulu Plus in its offerings.

“It has a wide variety of movies and they’re categorized according to genre,” Santoyo said.

In contrast, sophomore aviation major Carlos Sanchez likes the accessibility of his favorite shows through Hulu Plus.

“I like it because I can watch videos online without the need of cable or a TV,” Sanchez said.

Even with its faults, Hulu Plus has a nice selection of television shows which also include genres ranging from the prime time dramas to anime titles straight from Japan.

Speaking of anime, my favorite Hulu Plus offering is “Honey and Clover,” a tale of a male protagonist trying to get by in art school with his rag-tag group of friends.

It’s a wonderful slice-of-life series that has quirky storytelling and well-developed characters created by Chika Umino.

As a Hulu Plus user, I enjoy the diversity of genres, the new television shows and the low price that keeps me a loyal customer.

Hulu Plus is the perfect fit for TV fanatics who want the best in programming without the stress.


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  1. You have to remember that ads help keep the service free and help keep the cost of Hulu Plus cheap. Why complain about ads all the time? There are 4-6 ads per commercial break on over the air free tv and cable. Only 2 or 3 pere break on Hulu. And you even have a small bit of influence on Hulu with your commercials. Ads may not be a pro for most watchers but it certainly isn't a con – without the ads you wouldn't get current tv shows the next day, you'd have to pay for them. For a college student with limited funds, I'll watch an ad for a movie and a men's razor over that.

    Log in and fill out the survey and they'll try to steer certain ads away from you. And besides since I don't have a tv seeing a small amt of ads helps me have some connection with what's available rather than having none.

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