Halloween safety tips for college students

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Sgt. John Laws, from UPD administrative services and SJSU students helped compile a list of safety tips for students attending festivities this upcoming Halloween.

Students going to parties and generally going out should follow these suggestions:

- If students plan to drink, they should do so in moderation and at their own discretion (limit the intake of alcohol and caffeinated beverages to avoid passing out and losing your ability to not be aware of the current situation), Laws said.

- Go in groups, especially late at night Have friends around to help caution one another from dangerous situations and at least two or more friends should be sober.

- Students going anywhere on or off campus should shy away from unlit areas and narrow streets.

- "We highly recommend students don't drink and drive," Laws said.

- Use safe forms of transportation that are widely available downtown, such as taxi cabs or pedicabs. "Pedicab rides are paid by tips, but some drivers set standard rates," said Patrick Sink, an ecocitycycles driver.

- "Don't get into fights," said a senior psychology major, Elizabeth Orozco.

- "Watch after your drinks and beverages," said Reva Tambo, a junior biological sciences major.

- "Don't get drunk," said a junior engineering major, Alex Burns.

- "Stay in groups and have one person who doesn't or something, so one person who could drive and not be under the influence of anything and stay safe," freshman engineering major, Tim Butler.

- "Dress cute to get people's attention," said sophomore communications major, Esther Costa.

- "Don't dress trashy because you'll attract the wrong attention," said sophomore marketing major, Paula Nguyen.

- "Have fun and it only happens one day a year," said senior communications major, Serena Sharma.

"The UPD has recorded a reasonable amount of crimes related to alcohol on University property and we caution people to use control," Laws said.

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