Local rock climbing gym offers students discounted membership

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Students can now climb to new heights with the introduction of a new $39 monthly student membership at The Studio, a rock climbing gym off First and San Carlos Streets.

The gym is one of nine locations owned by Touchstone Climbing, a Bay Area company that has brought indoor rock climbing into different cities throughout in Calif.

The Studio is located in an old shutdown theater building that was converted more than two years ago into a rock climbing gym, where old rafters and booths have been transformed into rock climbing walls and a yoga studio.

“It used to be a movie theater, so the aesthetic as is, is so [cool],” said Tori Scoville, a studio member and senior recreational management major. “It has different levels to it as well.”

The monthly fee goes a long way said Greg Mavor, a Studio Climbing employee and junior mechanical engineering major.

“[It’s] a full regular gym, access to classes with TRX and high intensity interval training, instructors that have experience with strength and conditioning stuff and we have yoga six days a week,” he said.

Diane Ortega, The Studio  general manager, said members opting for the $39 a month membership must be local students in the South Bay and will only have access to the San Jose Touchstone gym, which she says makes sense.

She said that the limited membership makes sense because there aren't any other gyms nearby.

As news of the student deal began to spread, students such as Claire Wheelock, a senior hospitality major, began flocking to sign up for a membership.

“There’s really no reason not to,” she said.

Not only has the student membership attracted new student members, but old student members also jumped at the chance to save money by switching over to the less expensive membership.

“I switched over right away,” Scoville said. “I don’t need to go to San Francisco gyms.”

With a variety of different events, deals and their new student membership, The Studio has decided to embrace local students.

“The events are one of my favorite parts of working there. We do a lot of unconventional stuff,” said Mavor. “This month we have black out climbing, where we turn off all the lights in the gym and give people climbing headlamps.”

The Gym uses climbing events as a way to reach out to students at the beginning of the fall semester.

“At the start of every year we have done a free climbing day for students,” Ortega said. “It does happen to coincide with San Jose State’s start of the school year, but people from the junior colleges and Santa Clara are all more than welcome as well as high school kids.”

With different events scheduled every month and a new membership fee for students, Studio Climbing has received a lot of attention in the recent months.

“There’s no reason for people not to at least go and check it out,” said Wheelock. “There’s nothing bad that can come from it and everybody I know that has tried it has gotten so into it.”

Nick Esposito is a Spartan Daily staff writer.


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