Cycling Club welcomes all types of cyclists

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Though not new, the cycling club on campus has a new look, starting with the name.
Formerly known as the mountain biking club, the name was changed in order to appeal to more students, said Ye Lin, the cycling club’s president.
“We’re still working on getting more members, more sponsorship,” Lin said.
Lin said they have about 11 members, with a few that are in the process of registering.
The club switches between mountain biking in the fall semester to road biking in the spring, but welcomes everyone.
“Beginner, intermediate and advanced riders (are welcome),” Lin said. “We have a ‘No Rider Left Behind’ policy.”
Lin said they start the season with a beginner skills clinic. The clinic’s purpose is to ensure that all of the riders are aware of the rules of the club and the road.
She said these rules include: wearing a helmet, obeying road laws, bringing water, patch kits and lights for night rides.
Marshall Hogan, a junior mechanical engineering major, said he joined the club his freshman year, but he hasn’t been highly involved until this semester.
He joined after his roommate told him about the club, but didn’t have a bike.
He said he has a bike now and started biking more during the summer.
There are competitions nearly every weekend put on by the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference, according to Lin.
Only a few of the races are around San Jose, such as Stanford and UC Santa Cruz, but others are much farther away, such as Chico State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
Lin said the locations often mean that group members who wish to participate spend nearly their entire weekend on a race.
Hogan said he’s participated in about half of the races so far this semester.
A recent addition to the club is Niko O’Yang, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, who said that though he prefers mountain biking, he recently purchased a road bike.
O’Yang said he wasn’t familiar with the trails in the area when he started at San Jose State, so he looked at the club as an opportunity to meet other riders and learn about the trails around San Jose.
He said his work schedule has conflicted with the races this semester, so he hasn’t been able to participate, but he’s raced previously.
Recently, O’Yang said he’s seen more people at the rides. He said there have been more rides this semester than previous semesters.
“Our group rides are (usually) Friday, Saturday or Sunday,” Lin said. “Everybody’s busy during the weekdays.”
Lin said whoever can make the rides can show up, but otherwise he doesn’t mind riding on his own.
“(Joining the club was) one of the best decisions I’ve made at San Jose,” Hogan said.


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