Research group wants to know if students are eating less to save money

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SJSU students will conduct an informal research project to find out if students are eating less to save money.

This research focuses on the area of food insecurity that affects children, the elderly, the homeless and single-parent families.

Thira Burns, a senior nutritional science major stated in an email that the focus group series has began as a part of her graduate research project.

“I have been interested in food insecurity having been a volunteer at the local food bank,” she stated. “Looking at this topic on the SJSU campus came from working with an adviser on the project.”

Burns also said that student groups and the student health center have conducted informal research showing that there is, indeed, food insecurity on our campus.

“While much research has been done on the effects of food insecurity in children, the elderly, as well as other segments of the population, little has been conducted in the college student population,” she stated. “More light is being shed on this topic among this student population as food banks are popping up on campuses and seeing popularity.”

Hector Diaz, a senior nutritional food science major stated in an email that he has been part of SJSU's Nutrition Education Action Team for three years.

“NEAT is the nutrition specialty of the Peer Health Education group from the Wellness and Health Promotion Office in the Student Health Center,” he stated. “After this semester it will only be known as PHE for consistency and it will be a Health Science class for anyone interested in joining (3 units.)”

He also said that the club provides workshops, tabling events and presentations to any campus group, class or organization.

“Our goal is to improve students’ health via optimal nutrition education,” Diaz stated.

This focus group will be open to the students who want to know more about food insecurity and about food banks.

Kristi Loo, a junior animation/illustration major said that if she skips meals it is to get her work done.

“I have a meal plan at the Dining (Commons),” she said. “My eating schedule depends on my class, if my schedule spaced out better, I’d be able to get food.”

Tracy Nguyen, a senior behavioral science major said that she eats meals three times a day but knows people trying to save money.

“Lots of students don’t work,” she said. “They want to save up money to pay for bills."

Hiu Ly, a junior economics major said that he eats four meals a day and he doesn't eat on campus often.

“I would like to save money on other things just to eat more,” he said.

Gregory Bissel, a sophomore mechanical engineering major said that he eats meals four times in the Dining Commons.

“If I didn't have a meal plan, I’d probably eat less to save money,”Bissel said.

Bissel said that having a meal plan is not common with his friends, but it’s probably common if you live on campus.

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