Streetlight Manifesto returns to give listeners to think about

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Streetlight Manifesto is back to the ska punk scene with their new album “The Hands That Thieve.” This album was released on April 30, after being delayed by their record label a couple of times.

“The Hands That Thieve” is the fifth album for this band composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Thomas Kalnoky, trumpet and backing vocalist Matt Stewart, trombone and backing vocalist Nadav Nirenberg, tenor saxophone, alto, backing vocalist Jim Conti, baritone saxophone and alto, backing vocalist Mike Brown, bass, backing vocalist Pete McCullough, and drummer Chris Thatcher, all of them from New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The album's theme portrays a positive outlook on life. It's definitely the band's "life-embracing" album compared to their other four albums.

For $6.99 on the Amazon Mp3 store, you can purchase the album made up of 10 fast paced, ska punk rock songs.

Streetlight Manifesto fans can expect “The Hands That Thieve” to have that rewarding feeling when you get done listening to the album.

The main difference between this ska brand and other ska bands is it likes to experience new things and try to keep with the theme.

On their previous albums, the songs consisted of sad and very deep stuff, but you will hear this album as uplifting with very positive songs.

The first single off this album is called “Three of Us” and has a trumpet solo in the beginning.

The song is about making amends with an enemy.

Some of the lyrics are: “There we were/The three of us:/The Thief, the King, and I/Finally we were forced to see/We were equals in the night (that starry, starry night.)”

The single showed great imagery and people will realize this song was a great way to kick off this album.

Another great song with meaning is “Ungrateful.”

The lyric are jam packed with all the wind instrumentals that utilize what they have: “Hey, I don't want to seem ungrateful/I don't want to seem like I don't need anyone's help/To get me through the rainy days
To push through the haze/So I can get on my feet/And I can stand up and do what it takes”

This song depicts that tiny voice in all our heads whispering, "You can't do it."

This album is very well done and it’s a change of pace from what they have known from their last albums.

Another song that caught my attention is “With Any Sort of Certainty.”

Some of the lyrics from this song are: "We swore we'd never stray/Right before we went our separate ways/And now we're looking back/We're second guessing all the choices that we made.”

This song means that we often second guess ourselves with the choices we've made in life.

Another song that really impressed me is “Toe to Toe,” with empowering stuff that will make the listeners think.

The lyrics from song goes, "And you will go/Toe to toe/Like David and Goliath/They will be Goliath/And you will throw the stone.”

This song means that he's giving his son a message: use your judgment, form an educated decision and follow whatever you truly believe. But whatever you decide to do, make sure you're tolerant and respectful to everyone you come across.

Overall, I thought this album was amazing.

I didn’t skip any songs from this album and I thought it was really well done.

I recommend this album whether you are a Streetlight Manifesto fan or not. It is an amazing album with that good feeling – I’d give this album a chance.

This album should be listened to fully in one sitting and not skipped through, because all the tracks are good and your ears will be thankful.  After you have listened to this album and you will think about what the lead singer is trying to say.

If you don’t want to buy the tracks on Amazon or don’t have time to look up all the individual tracks online, you can listen to this album on Spotify.

So what are you waiting for?

Give your mind something to think about while you listen to it.

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