Trashion Fashion Show returns for Earth Day

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Natasha Kraljevski uses adhesive spray on a dress made of newspapers in her living room for San Jose State's annual Trashion Fashion. Carolyn Seng / Spartan Daily

Natasha Kraljevski uses adhesive spray on a dress made of newspapers in her living room for San Jose State's annual Trashion Fashion. Carolyn Seng / Spartan Daily

The Associated Students Programming Board will be hosting the fifth annual Trashion Fashion Show on April 23 at 6 p.m. in the Campus Village Quad to celebrate Earth Day.

According to Crystal Diaz, the director of programming affairs, the show will be split into two parts, the Trashion show and Fashion Show.

“The first part will be the Trashion Show, which will be the models showing off student-designer clothing made out of recyclable material,” she said. 

Diaz said the only rule is 80 percent of the student-designed outfit must be made out of post-consumer material.

“Our rule of thumb is you can use it if it's an item people usually use once and throw away,” she said.

The second segment of the show will be the fashion show and according to Diaz this year a “Who Wore It Best” prize will be awarded to one model.

Victor Hernandez, who is on the programming board, said he handles all applications.

“I am the point person for the applicants," he said. "That means if they have any questions or concerns, they come to me and I tell them to the board. If there’s any information regarding the show that the models and designers need to know, I tell them.

According to Hernandez, there were 10 applications for designers and at least 20 for models.

Two of those designers include Natasha Kraljevski, a junior communication studies major, and Megan Lomazzi, a senior business marketing major.

Kraljevski, who is returning to the show for a second year, said she heard about it through a friend last year and has been looking forward to it since.

“Fashion design has always been what I wanted to do and it's cool that our school has an event like this that can help people explore their creative sides,” she said.

The dress Kraljevski is making for the show is inspired by the power behind androgyny and the female form.

She said she loves celebrating the female form as an assertion of power and the goal of her dress would be to merge the two concepts.

“I understand that sounds contradictory, but that’s the point of fashion,” Kraljevski said. “We are supposed to use contradictions to really show everything we feel right at that moment.”

Lomazzi is no stranger to the show either. Her first experience was two years ago as a model.

According to Lomazzi, cosmetology students pampered the models by doing their hair and makeup.

“I felt like a professional model,” she said. “I was able to model two outfits from Crossroads.”

Lomazzi said she has one outfit entered into this year's fashion show that was inspired from an episode of "America’s Next Top Model."

“At first, I wanted it to look identical but then I started playing around with different concepts and I’ve made it my own,” she said.

According to Paul Landon, the A.S. director of environmental affairs, there are four judges so far — a local designer, last year's winner, an employee from Crossroads as well as Black and Brown, which are thrift stores that buy and sell vintage and modern clothing.

During intermission and after the show, Music Mayhem winner Soulful Obsession will be performing, Diaz said.

“One of the prizes they (Soulful Obsession) won was to play at Trashion Fashion,” she said. “It’s the first time we’re having a live band perform not only during but after (the fashion show).”

According to Diaz the winner for the "Greenest Greek" competition — a six week competition between SJSU Greek houses to improve and maintain energy use, water consumption and waste generation — will also be announced during intermission.



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