Rihanna shines bright at Diamonds World Tour

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Self-proclaimed “bad girl” Rihanna rocked crowds at the HP Pavilion Saturday night for one of her stops on her Diamonds World Tour.

People of all kinds, representing Rihanna's navy, packed the Pavilion from bottom to top.

Rapper A$AP Rocky, opening act and Harlem native, took to the stage to a slightly smaller crowd, as he performed some of his biggest hits from his mixtape "LIVE.LOVE.A$AP" and some new music from his new album "LONG.LIVE.A$AP".

Songs such as “Peso” and “Problems” had the crowd bobbing their heads up and down as well as dancing in the aisles.

I found myself to be one of about 10 people in my section to actually know the words to his songs.

While the performance A$AP Rocky and his crew had a few people hyped up, the reaction to his songs paled in comparison once Rihanna hit the stage.

Backed up by a live band, a guitarist and a large team of dancers, Rihanna kept the energy from beginning to end.

Rihanna's singing was, as it usually is, uneven. But despite Rihanna's known inability to sing very well, she was able to make up for it with her performance.

Complete with elaborate choreographed dance routines and eye-blinding pyrotechnics, the show was certainly entertaining, with all the bells and whistles.

Rihanna's fashion spoke to her persona of a sexy girl who knows it and doesn't care what anyone thinks.

There were a number of crazy costume changes, including a sparkle dress and thigh-high boots, but she was able to jump up and down and dance the whole show.

Numerous costume and set changes added to the level of excitement. The crowd's excitement went ablaze as she announced “Bay Area, we're gonna get ratchet tonight!”

Most of her almost two-hour set were songs from her new seventh studio album “Unapologetic,” such as “Pour It Up” and “Phresh Out the Runway.”

Rih Rih played up her sex appeal to the crowd, and they ate it up.

Her performance of “Loveeeeeee Song” was not only sensual, but sensitive. While Rihanna sang with passion into the microphone, she was spun around in a circle under a spotlight.

Rihanna's songs with reggae themes are my favorite. Her performance of “Man Down,” although not quite hitting her own high notes, was sultry and exciting. She even dedicated a part of her show to the late Bob Marley.

The best part of the show was the set that included the songs “We Found Love” and “Only Girl (In The World).” The high energy music combined with the dancer's encouragement had the entire stadium jumping up and down and dancing with one another.

By the time Rihanna performed her encore, the crowd was standing and cheering, even some with tears in their eyes.

Rihanna told the crowd “San Jose, you have truly set the bar for the tour.” She then performed her other popular singles “Stay” and “Diamonds,” and left the stage to a sound a cheers and whistles.

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