Tech After Hours Has Late Night Geek Fun

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The Tech Museum of Innovation has a special event for science lovers looking for a party.

After Hours is a monthly event where adults 21 and older can enjoy science and technology, all while having a few drinks with their friends.

“The whole museum is open, except for special exhibits,” said program coordinator Rick McDaniel.

After hours is held the first Thursday of every month, he said.

Every month there is a different theme, and guests can come and participate in all the activities while partaking in food and drinks with friends.

“We do programs related to the theme every time,” McDaniel said.

Thursday's night theme was Science of Suds, where museum guests learned all about beer and created a “foam explosion,” mixing foam, detergent, and hydrogen peroxide to make a big foamy plume.

Guests also enjoyed playing a Trivial Pursuit-like game called “Test Your Beer Knowledge,” where they are quizzed on their knowledge of all things brewski-related.

“It's mostly for fun, but we also tie in some science to all our themes,” said McDaniel.

Local rock band Daze on the Green also provided music for the museum patrons to dance to.

Many guests enjoyed the band, who covered hits from bands such as Journey and ACDC.

The band was very good, and had the crowd literally jumping up and down.

In addition to all the galleries and drinks, there were also games set up for guests to play.

“We have giant games and regular board games and a giant Jenga that everyone loves,” McDaniel said.

I'm a Connect Four expert and have been since the second grade. I played those huge Connect Four boards and it was a dream come true for me.

Eddie McKee, an employee for the Tech museum, said the After Hours events are some of his favorite ones to work.

“You get to get out and spend a little time away from the kids,” he said.

McKee, who was working the earthquake exhibit at After Hours, said he thinks the nightlife at the Tech museum is just as fun as the daytime, but is enjoyable because he gets to interact with an older crowd.

“I'm usually used to a lot of little kids running around all over this place, so it's nice to have a break sometimes,” he said.

McDaniel said the event has been seeing a lot of buzz recently.

“We probably average about 450 (people each event), and we'd like that to go up,” he said.

There were a decent amount of people there. Had there been more people, it probably would have been more exciting. It was mostly just lounge-style, kickback fun.

Since the event started about two years ago, people of all ages have come to enjoy it, according to McDaniel.

“We get a lot of college students, but I've seen people from 21 to 91,” he said.

McDaniel said the next After Hours event, which will be held April 4 at 7 p.m., will have Earth Night as its theme.

“Think of everything you'd do on Earth Day, and put it at night with drinks and dancing,” he said. “It should be a lot of fun.”

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